Hey you!

I’m Becky
This is me. On a good day.

I write, I draw, I cake. Some people call me a free spirit.

Curiosity keeps me busy, I am interested in the world! People, artists and their studios…design, buildings, photography, fashion… music, food, travel, it all inspires me and my little fairytale bubble of imagination.

I live in Manchester and work as a digital marketer. I’ve had a bit of an whirlwind of a time lately, anecdotes include flying to Athens on a one way ticket with 200 pounds and staying for four months (on board a pirate ship)  and I recently came back from teaching in South Korea. Lets just say I took The Yes Man story to heart.

I also drink a lot of tea.

I like to keep busy so get in touch!



7 responses to “Hey you!”

  1. Matthew says :

    Lovely website.

  2. Charles Higgs says :

    I like this site B
    Miss your face around worcs, not the same at SIB
    Groovy webernet-site dude…i never realised you had done soooo much!
    “Big C”, big love x

  3. Kat Speak says :

    Love this Becky 🙂 love the work, your so talented!

  4. Angie Chan says :

    Hi Becky! I’m loving the bio! x

  5. beckyyardley says :

    Thanks so much, appreciated lotsly 🙂

  6. Will Nowell says :

    Really cool and interesting blog.

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