Like a rolling stone

What I will remember about Manchester

1. Fiberoptic Secrets, the band, the legend. Our time was short, our work unproductive, but that one spontaneous jam in font was something special.

2. Driving to Preston with my housemate Matt, feeling adventurous and singing the Beach Boys all the way there. Getting there and realising Preston is not like California and driving back depressed and listening to some emo music.

3. Every single Dough dinner with Kat, especially the first one when we had known each other for three days, went out, got drunk and ended up sleeping in my bed, taking leftover pizza to studio north in the morning and both sneaking a bit. And how we write down (or more like I write down) all the funny things she says,  so I have a collection of Kat speak quotes to look at when I’m sad or bored.

4. Going to BLAB with Gareth and later on getting a lovely email from the speaker Hoss about taking chances and jumping out of aeroplanes without parachutes ( this literally made my week)

5. Dancing in Tiger Lounge, probably one of the best nights I ever had. You know those nights that were unplanned but just turn out to be the best. The £1 tequila shots and all my favourite sixties songs probably helped.

6. Spur of the moment trip toSouthportt. Cartwheels on the beach in the freezing cold and spending ages in the wall of mirrors when everyone just wanted to get past to go to the toilet.

7.  Sunday night whisky and Fleetwood Mac documentary sessions

8. Cupcakes, brownies, cookies and all the other experimental cooking

9.  When Reetta came from Finland and instead of going out on Halloween we watched X Factor and tried to sing along in our pyjamas.

10.Perfecting the twist in the top room at Trof when noone else was there.

Some really good memories, but time to put some more stickers on the case.


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