new plans

Woah, the last few weeks have been a little busy as I have made some big decisions that required me to use the left side of my brain which I normally like to avoid doing at all costs. I decided to hand in my notice two weeks ago as I realised I wanted to try to work and travel, since I read the book “How to work your way around the world”over a year ago I have had this nagging feeling that I have to go out and travel again. Not that the first time was very far away. That book was how I first found out about TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) and I did the classroom course way back in January 2010 with the intention of using it after Uni.

But that was postponed as I was lucky to find a great job whilst still at uni as a bathroom designer, this was a pretty insane step up that I really had to jump at. It got me loads of experience, I loved drawing and designing everyday and I think that if I do come back to work in England I would want to do something like that again. (That is if I don’t like teaching)

Of course after living in Worcester for a few years I decided to branch out a little bit and move up to Manchester, I found a nice job at Studio North and although it didn’t really include the creative side that my previous job had it has been a great experience to move up here and I have no regrets at all, I’ve made some really great friends and felt at home here almost straight away. I’ve learnt loads about how a digital and print agency works, I harnessed my inner geek and became addicted to mashable and even wrote blog posts about social media, something I never had a clue about before. I went to an amazing talk at Northern Digitals and got introduced to world of digital and techie stuff that I had no clue about at all before.

But now it’s time to pack all my things into that suitcase again as I have decided that the life of an adventurer is calling me back.

In the last two weeks I have decided to move to South Korea for a year, to teach english to kindergarten children who have little grasp of their own language. I don’t speak Korean, I don’t know anyone in Korea and I have never taught English before. Well that’s not really true, I taught loads of people how to improve their English when I was in Greece, but they knew a little bit already.

But that’s the whole point, it’s a massive challenge and I don’t really know what to expect. There are endless horror stories on the internet about awful teaching experiences, but I chose my recruiter and school carefully and I hope this will make things a little easier. Who knows? It’s really great to be 23 because you can say cliched things like ” If I don’t go I’ll never know” or “Even if I come back crying at least I tried” and you get away with that kind of optimism.

I am WELL excited. There are loads of things I need to do to get my visa sorted and it’s all coming together, I probably won’t feel like it’s real until I have my flight ticket in my hand (paid for by the school by the way) so I won’t give be giving too much away on where abouts I’m going until I get there.


3 responses to “new plans”

  1. Richard Bailey says :

    South Korea is considered the most technically advanced society on earth.

    Enjoy the teaching – and see what you can learn about the future of the internet and online news.

  2. Angie Chan says :

    Wow! That’s a big move. Hope you keep the blog up during your travels. Will be interesting to see what you get up to 🙂

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