Yesterday I went to the sixth BLAB event organised by Northern Digitals at the Deaf Institute in Manchester. The first speaker Hoss Gifford gave an account of his life so far with insights he’d learnt along the way.  Working under the job title of “innovator” he ran us through different projects he had done, including those for Glasgow Film Festival and the Commonwealth Games. But his biggest achievements seemed to be more personal, the things he had taught himself, done on a whim or projects he had taken on that may have been out of his comfort zone.

Hoss showed how important it is to always be open to learning new things, especially technology, as he said “if you don’t know there is always a book that can teach you.”  His talk really seemed to inspire the room without us feeling like we were at a self help meeting.

It was great to hear someone with so much experience and knowledge speak really honestly about how they think and work, living by the rule that we all should, “basically if in doubt just fucking do it.”

Next up was Mr Bingo, you’ve probably seen the hair illustrations before .This guy finds inspiration everywhere, he shared some of his photo collection with us, the funny stuff he sees on the street and the weird little details of handwritten notes, postcards, vintage drawings and really bad typography.  It was kind of strange to hear someone talk about how they imagine chairs in a room to have conversations and describe in depth their complicated personalities, not because I found it weird but because I was nodding my head in agreement. Mr Bingo basically makes a living by drawing all those secret odd things that you think only you think about.


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